Player Profile

Graeme Tinkler

Phone: Private
Status: Active
Last online: 23rd Sep 2021
League: South London Squash League
Current Division: 4
Seasons Played: 3
Preferred Club: Brixton Recreation Centre
Preferred Times: Weekends before 12pm. Weekdays after 5pm. Can be pretty flexible due to WFH depending on week schedule.

Ladder match history

No results

League match history

Date Opponent Result Score
20th Sep 2021 Marco Rapaccioli Won 15-10,15-12,15-11
13th Sep 2021 Sam Thornton Lost 16-14,13-15,15-11,15-11
1st Sep 2021 Nils Macher Lost 14-16,15-12,15-3,15-8
27th Aug 2021 Jasper Jackson Lost 15-7,15-13,10-15,15-10
15th Aug 2021 Dan Johnson Won 15-5,15-8,15-8
8th Aug 2021 David Houston Won 15-4,15-12,15-10
26th Jul 2021 Sam Thornton Lost 15-9,15-10,15-5
14th Jul 2021 Charlotte Liu Won 15-6,15-3,15-7,13-15
15th Jun 2021 Andrew Mills Won 15-13,15-8,15-13
1st Jun 2021 Charlotte Liu Won 15-10,15-10,15-10
25th May 2021 Samah Ahmed Won 15-7,15-3,15-3

11 league matches with 7 wins, 0 draws and 4 losses. Win percentage: 63.6%

League division history

Date League Division
21st Aug 2021 South London Squash League 4
2nd Jul 2021 South London Squash League 5
17th May 2021 South London Squash League 6

3 seasons played.

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