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I have really enjoyed my first season of SquashMatch. I think it's very well organised and so easy to use. The website is very user friendly and the overall experience has been great. It's nice to meet other people that enjoy playing squash and everybody is kind and friendly. It's clear that SquashMatch was founded on a true love and passion for the game and a joy to be a part of it.
Member since 28th Jun 2011

Welcome to SquashMatch

Squash Match is here to make squash accessible to everyone!

We are an online squash community with members of all abilities, ranging from absolute beginners to aspiring pros! Registration is required to get in touch with other members, so if you are interested in joining or just want to find out a bit more about our services then please use the Contact Us form and we will be in touch.

Our members play their matches locally at any courts which are convenient to YOU!

If you are a club looking to put your league online please do get in touch.


SquashMatch will be launching a brand NEW league at Kensington from 17th May 2021. The first season will be free to anyone who wishes to play in this league. Drop us an email for more information, or to register your interest.


SquashMatch will be re-starting their leagues at Swiss Cottage, Clissold, Britannia and Brixton from 17th May. Please get in touch if you wish to play. We will also be opening other leagues as centres slowly start to re-open.

Drop us an email for more information, or to register your interest.


Unfortunately Club Sessions are on hold at Brixton and Swiss Cottage LC.

Oasis LC (in Holborn) have confirmed they will no longer be hosting Tuesday and Sunday Club Sessions, and we are currently working with them to get it up and running in a different format. We'll update you soon as we know more.

Feel free to contact us with any queries, worries, compliments or complaints!

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