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I joined the local SquashMatch league as a beginner three years ago and it has worked wonders for my game. I've progressed so much as a player, and as I've done so I've been consistently matched against opponents that have challenged me to play at a high level and improve further. I can't recommend it enough if you're looking for a well-run league with competitive matches
Member since 4th Nov 2019

Welcome to SquashMatch

Squash Match is here to make squash accessible to everyone!

We are an online squash community with members of all abilities, ranging from absolute beginners to aspiring pros! Registration is required to get in touch with other members, so if you are interested in joining or just want to find out a bit more about our services then please use the Contact Us form and we will be in touch.

Our members play their matches locally at any courts which are convenient to YOU!

If you are a club looking to put your league online please do get in touch.

New feature: Leaderboard

Just a bit of fun really, check out the most active users on the Leaderboard page.

Nothing too serious! Why are we even counting messages sent? Well it's good to see the league admins are winning in some department!

Enjoy your squash!


Welcome to Karakal who are our sponsors!

Karakal are offering 20% off to all UK-based SquashMatch members on an ongoing basis! So if you need new rackets, balls, shoes or clothing - why not sign up here to claim your ongoing discount? Make sure you select "CLUB SquashMatch" from the drop-down list when registering.

Once your application is received, your membership will be verified, and you'll be sent your Membership and login credentials (this may take a few days) as well as a link to where you can order. Please note prices will be displayed with the discount already applied.

Women's only leagues

SquashMatch are looking to set up a women's-only league based at Britannia (north London), Oasis (Holborn), Swiss Cottage (NW), and Brixton (south). These will run parallel to existing mixed leagues. Drop us an email for more information, or to register your interest.

Feel free to contact us with any queries, worries, compliments or complaints!

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