Player Profile

Nicolas Ceron

Phone: Private
Status: Active
Last online: 15th May 2019
League: Central London Squash League
Current Division: Not playing
Seasons Played: 9
Preferred Club: Unknown
Preferred Times: Unknown

Ladder match history

No results

League match history

Date Opponent Result Score
8th May 2019 Camille El Khoury Won 15-6,22-20,6-15,11-15,17-15
3rd May 2019 Roman Shtekelman Draw
No score recorded
15th Apr 2019 Jean-Pierre De Maroussem Won 15-7,15-10,10-15,15-10
28th Mar 2019 Fitsum Solomon Lost 7-15,15-5,12-15,15-12,15-11
28th Mar 2019 Camille El Khoury Won 15-10,15-12,17-15
20th Mar 2019 Oli Sharp Lost 15-10,15-6,15-12
12th Mar 2019 John Heyworth Lost 15-8,15-13,8-15,15-13
4th Mar 2019 Thomas Kingston Lost 12-15,15-12,15-10,16-14
7th Feb 2019 John Heyworth Won 11-15,15-11,17-15,17-15
16th Jan 2019 Mitchell Barrack Draw
No score recorded
10th Dec 2018 Vanessa Wang Won
(No show)
No score recorded
20th Nov 2018 Kevin Talbot Lost 15-8,15-10,15-8
12th Nov 2018 Fabien Baetz Lost 15-7,15-13,15-12
6th Nov 2018 John Heyworth Draw
No score recorded
30th Sep 2018 John Heyworth Lost
No score recorded
25th Sep 2018 Jean-Pierre De Maroussem Lost
No score recorded
20th Sep 2018 Harry Seplow Lost
No score recorded
20th Sep 2018 Thierry Merven Lost
No score recorded
28th Aug 2018 Fitsum Solomon Won
No score recorded
21st Aug 2018 Jamie Robertson Won 15-11,15-9,15-10
13th Aug 2018 Thierry Merven Won 14-16,15-5,15-9,15-11
13th Aug 2018 Matthew Kimberley Won 15-8,15-9,15-8
3rd Aug 2018 Thomas Kingston Won 15-12,15-10,12-15,15-13
16th Jul 2018 Will Oliver Won 15-4,15-13,15-10
25th Jun 2018 David Hohlfeldt Won 15-8,15-9,15-9
8th Jun 2018 Matthew Kimberley Won 15-10,15-12,15-13
28th May 2018 Nico Macdonald Won 15-5,15-7,15-9
18th May 2018 Sanjay Parekh Won
(No show)
21st Apr 2018 Will Oliver Won 15-13,15-6,15-12
8th Apr 2018 Trevor Stunden Won 15-2,15-9,15-11
1st Apr 2018 Arun Menon Won 15-8,15-7,15-10
16th Mar 2018 Dominic Van Nieuwkerk Won 15-7,15-5,15-5
11th Mar 2018 Emma Lucas Won 15-4,15-4,15-7
2nd Mar 2018 Nico Macdonald Won 15-12,15-10,15-4

34 league matches with 21 wins, 3 draws and 10 losses. Win percentage: 61.8%

League division history

9 seasons played.

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