Player Profile

Paul Fox

Phone: Private
Status: Active
Last online: 4th Jul 2018
League: North London Squash League
Current Division: Not playing
Seasons Played: 5
Preferred Club: Sobell Leisure Centre
Preferred Times: Unknown

Ladder match history

Date Opponent Result Score
4th Nov 2016 Andre Ainsworth Lost 15-12,13-15,15-9,5-15,15-13

1 ladder matches with 0 wins and 1 losses. Win percentage: 0%

League match history

Date Opponent Result Score
20th Jul 2015 Guillermo Loriente Elio Lost 16-14,15-13,14-16,16-14
18th Jul 2015 Dan Cartwright Won 15-13,15-13,15-8
12th Jul 2015 Aarjan Snoek Won 15-13,13-15,18-16,15-13
2nd Jun 2015 Edward De Mott Draw
No score recorded
2nd Jun 2015 Henry Pearce Draw
No score recorded
1st Jun 2015 Campbell Baker Won
(No show)
No score recorded
26th May 2015 Ed Grattan Won
(No show)
No score recorded
14th Apr 2015 Aarjan Snoek Won 15-13,13-15,15-11,15-13
4th Apr 2015 Laurence Clack Lost 11-15,15-12,15-12,15-13
5th Mar 2015 Andrea Caldera Won
(No show)
No score recorded
25th Feb 2015 Dominic Williams Won 15-9,9-15,15-13,15-13
7th Feb 2015 Edward De Mott Won 13-15,16-14,17-15,13-15,16-14
2nd Feb 2015 Bart Szydlowski Won 15-6,15-12,15-12
24th Sep 2014 Lawrence Edwards Lost 15-10,6-15,15-10,7-15,15-13
23rd Sep 2014 Thierry Merven Draw
No score recorded
1st Sep 2014 Aarjan Snoek Lost 15-11,16-14,15-13
27th Aug 2014 Jean-Pierre De Maroussem Won 16-14,15-9,15-11

17 league matches with 10 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses. Win percentage: 58.8%

League division history

5 seasons played.

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