Player Profile

Andre Braga

Phone: Private
Status: Active
Last online: 14th Sep 2017
League: North London Squash League
Central London Squash League
Swiss Cottage Squash League
Current Division: Not playing
Seasons Played: 9
Preferred Club: Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre
Preferred Times: Unknown

Ladder match history

No results

League match history

Date Opponent Result Score
14th Sep 2017 Ajit Barik Won
(Short game)
2nd Sep 2017 Daniel Mead Won
(Short game)
27th Jul 2017 Alex Mcwhorter Lost 15-1,15-6,15-3
8th Jun 2017 Janelle Prime Won 15-12,10-15,15-11,15-12
22nd May 2017 Jakob Mattsson Won 15-7,15-7,15-8
21st May 2017 Antony Rowlinson Won
(No show)
No score recorded
13th May 2017 Daniel Mead Won 14-16,6-15,15-13,15-12,15-7
24th Apr 2017 Christina Julios Lost
(No show)
No score recorded
21st Apr 2017 Stuart Nicholls Lost 15-1,15-8,15-1
26th Mar 2017 Martin Gaspar Lost 15-3,15-4,15-1
16th Mar 2017 Daniel Mead Lost 15-10,16-14,15-13
11th Mar 2017 Rich Rogers Lost 15-5,15-6,15-7
10th Mar 2017 Mark Cordwell Lost 15-10,15-10,15-10
16th Feb 2017 James Grant Lost 15-7,15-6,15-9,15-7,15-7

14 league matches with 6 wins, 0 draws and 8 losses. Win percentage: 42.9%

League division history

9 seasons played.

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