Player Profile

James Goodman

Phone: Private
Status: Left permanently
Last online: 29th Apr 2020
League: South London Squash League
Current Division: Not playing
Seasons Played: 8
Preferred Club: Brixton Recreation Centre
Preferred Times: Unknown

Ladder match history

No results

League match history

Date Opponent Result Score
11th Oct 2016 Michal Jacykiewicz Lost
(No show)
No score recorded
3rd Oct 2015 Tej Dyal Draw
(Short game)
No score recorded
20th Sep 2015 Alim Saleh Lost 15-10,9-15,15-10,15-1
29th Mar 2015 Gavin Mackay Lost 15-10,15-10,15-7
14th Mar 2015 Lachlan Wood Won 15-12,15-11,15-12
9th Mar 2015 Rich Austwick Lost 12-15,12-15,15-12,15-12,15-12
9th Feb 2015 Rich Austwick Won 13-15,15-11,15-13,15-13
3rd Feb 2015 Lee Bater Won 15-0,15-0,15-0
24th Jan 2015 Michal Jacykiewicz Lost 15-12,15-0,15-10
19th Jan 2015 Lachlan Wood Lost 15-13,11-15,15-11,8-15,15-10
14th Jan 2015 Tej Dyal Lost 12-15,12-15,15-12,16-14,15-13
2nd Dec 2014 Jen Katan Won 15-11,15-12,9-15,15-10
30th Nov 2014 Stefan Sakalik Won 15-7,15-6,15-6
30th Nov 2014 Michael Docherty Won 15-10,15-11,15-12
25th Nov 2014 Michal Jacykiewicz Lost 7-15,15-12,15-11,15-10
24th Oct 2014 David Ville Won No score recorded
9th Oct 2014 Nicky Reynolds Won No score recorded

17 league matches with 8 wins, 1 draws and 8 losses. Win percentage: 47.1%

League division history

8 seasons played.

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