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Interesting squash facts

By Fatema on 2012-08-09

Squash is predominantly a male sport (84% are male, 16% are female) and it tends to be played by people in their 20s and early 30s. Regular participation in the sport continues to be flat, which in the context of other sports who are nearly all in decline, remarkably positive. Self-reported participation shows that squash players tend to play once a week, with participation being the highest amongst non-club members, while club members have a more frequent habit. Over 80% of squash players have also played at least one other sport in the last month. Current squash players state that they would be encouraged to play more if there was more facility access and if their sport had a higher profile. And as with many sports, injury, work commitments and a lack of time stop people playing squash. However, some drop out because they can’t easily find a court.

Thanks to England Squash & Racketball for providing this information from Sport England data.

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