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Interview with a random squash player - Charlie Jensen

By Fatema on 2014-09-11

SquashMatch interviewed Charlie Jensen to be our random squash interviewee.


What is your name, age and location? Charlie Jensen, 33, Streatham

How long have you been playing squash? 15 years, started irregularly during A-Levels, then played socially at university, then started playing weekly post-uni. I left it late. I wish I’d started earlier.

Where do you normally play squash? Brixton Rec (alright, but typically chaotic management), 52 Club (very chilly in winter), and occasionally the Bridge. I’ve been to the Flaxman when the need arose, but as a friend says, it stinks of bouncers and steroid abuse there.

My favourite place was the Lakeside , Wimbledon, along with the Park, Nottingham. Both are very nice clubs.

How many times a week do you play? Once or twice, but it goes through cycles of little/lots.

What is your favourite shot? Backhand drive, though as I get older I’m favouring the lob more, for breathing time and getting back to the T.

What is your worst shot? Anything off the back wall. I managed my first through the legs shot the other day, in a proper rally, and it came off – I was well chuffed. But don’t think I’ll make it a regular shot.

What’s the best squashing advice anyone has given you? Take it easy – there’s no need to carry any bad point in your head, so let it go.

Do you have a squash nickname? Or if not, what do you secretly hope it would be? Nope but I’d be happy with Jammy B*stard. I got lumbered with ‘Slugger Jensen’ on a recent stag do, playing softball, which was quite fun.

Who is your favourite squash player? Ramy Ashour.

Have you ever injured anyone playing squash? Of course, but only flesh wounds, and never intentionally.

Tell us an interesting squash-related story about yourself. I once ran full pelt into the corner, jamming the racket directly between the corner and me, with the handle in my abdomen. I seriously thought I’d skewered myself. Luckily not, but I just got some major bruising.

What other sports do you play? Football, sometimes swimming on holiday. I cycle when I can, and used to mountain bike when I can get out of the city.

Will you still be squashing in 5 years’ time? Yeah, don’t see why not. I regularly play some old-timers (50-60) and they don’t have a problem playing, so long as they don’t over-exert themselves they’re fine.

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