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Improve your game by joining a squash league

By Fatema on 2015-03-21

Are you a member of a squash league? If not, why not join one today? SquashMatch have leagues set up all over London and it’s a great way to meet new squash players, play regular squash, and get fit at the same time. The real benefits of playing in a league occur once you find the exact match of opponents to compare with your ability. Squash games are short when players' abilities are not evenly matched; and you only get the real work out through a tough game when an equivalent opponent walks on the court. This is exactly what SquashMatch leagues are for! Check out existing leagues here: http://www.squashmatch.com/leagues.php

And that’s not all. The ‘Central London’ squash league has been re-launched due to popular demand, and to kick-start this off, the first season (starting 3rd April) will be running for FREE! Join up here: http://www.squashmatch.com/leagues.php

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