Squash Leagues in United Kingdom

Each SquashMatch league is based around a specific location. Leagues are broken down into seasons, which are periods with specific start and end dates. Each season is broken down into divisions, which are groups of squash players of similar ability. Division 1 is the top division with the most experienced players, then division 2, down to the beginners in the bottom division.

The league is designed to constantly keep you active playing squash. Unlike ladder games which may be sporadic depending on frequency of opponents challenging you or vice versa, leagues present you with a fixed set of opponents you must play over a certain period; usually there are 5 opponents to be played over 6 weeks, resulting in close to one game a week - you can always play more squash by challenging players to ladder games on the side.

The real benefits of playing in a league surface once you have shifted up or down the necessary divisions to find the exact match of opponents to compare with your ability. Squash games are short when players' abilities are not evenly matched, you only get the real work out through a tough game when an equivalent opponent walks on the court. This is exactly what SquashMatch leagues are for!