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Welcome to the 1st edition of the SquashMatch newsletter!

By Fatema on 2012-08-01

In addition to the website, we have been looking for ways to bring more squash-related news to our members. So to kick-off, we have decided to launch a quarterly newsletter aimed at bringing you coaching news, dietary tips, book reviews and much, much more. We are also looking to revamp our Facebook page (please do follow us if you haven't already.) and we are aiming to allow players to interact with each other a bit more by organising regular socials and meals for fellow squash players, having an interactive section on Facebook, and running regular competitions.

If you have any ideas on what you'd like us to cover for future editions or what kind of stuff you'd like to read, contact us. Similarly, if you want to contribute to future editions or get involved in some way, feel free to get in touch.

And finally, thanks to those who have volunteered their time and expertise to write a bunch of articles on all things squash. This newsletter would not have got off the ground without your help.

Many thanks,

Fatema, Editor

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