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Represent Enfield at Squash at the London Youth Games

By Fatema on 2015-04-20

There will be trials for the London Youth Games Enfield Squash Team held at Hazelwood Squash Club on Saturday 2nd May 10am - 11:30am

You qualify to play in the team if you are:

• in year 12 or below

• born after 6/7/98 (U17)

• you attend any school in Enfield or live in Enfield.

You must also be able to play at:

• qualifiers at Redbridge on 13th June

• finals to play at Crystal Palace on 5th July.

Two separate teams are needed consisting 3 x girls and 3 x boys

although the nominated squad will be up to 5 players and there may be

some rotation.

The trials are free and will be run by Glen Howe who will also be Team

Manager and he will be responsible for the team selection based on the

best players.

If you plan to attend these trials please contact Glen on:

07515 341106 or email glen.howe (at) btinternet.com

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