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Protective goggles

By Fatema on 2014-04-09

How many squash players do you know who wear protective eyewear? One, maybe two? And how many of them are British? Probably none of them.

So here’s a cautionary tale from Roy McMahon on why he’ll be wearing goggles from now on…


Isn't it time we open our eyes to the debate on whether we choose to wear protective goggles or not?

At the time of being the recipient of this shiner, I would have said that I could tell the kind of player within a few strokes who might be a dangerous opponent and give them a wide berth.

I had also convinced myself that I am not an encroacher...

The fact is that I have played Mohammed Ali (my new nickname for my squash partner) for a few years and I trust him explicitly.

My injury was combination of a loose shot from me, a bit of a wild swing (sorry, Bruiser) and I am sure I was encroaching, just a bit…

I can't help it. I am competitive....

All in all - an accident.

Let face it, the outcome could have been a lot worse.

We have to look at the facts.

You are tough enough to watch our opponent for as long as possible.

We hit the perfect eyeball sized rubber ball at upto 175 miles per hour with an oversized carbon-fibre flyswatter that could fell a small tree.

We swing our racket at solid walls trying to peel a ball from our opponent’s shot that seems to be super-glued to the wall.

You have to assume that at some stage it’s going to shatter.

Who hasn't broken a racket in their day and not heard of the fabled story of arteries being severed with a broken racket?

So why is it that we don't minimise the risk by wearing goggles?

The winner of the of the Hoxton Spring squash tournament, Spencer Maxwell, also had a similar injury and now won’t play without them.

It's made me think that the stigma of "you’re a wuss if you wear them" is something we all should address.

Ten years ago I would have said the same thing about wearing a bicycle helmet, now I won't get on my bike without one.

You will have to keep an eye out to see if I change my ways.…


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