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Interview with a random squash player - Harry Prescot

By Fatema on 2015-09-05

SquashMatch interviewed Harry Prescot to be our random squash interviewee.

What is your name, age and location? Harry Prescot, 30, Tulse Hill (South London)

First things first, what’s all this fuss over your latest injury? What happened? I turned my ankle at the Ashtead Open tournament back in June. The injury was so bad I was rushed to hospital under the assumption it was broken. I was praying for no breaks as I was flying to Ibiza the following week. I learned it was grade 4 ligament damage, and the doctor then proceeded to tell me it would actually take longer to heal than a broken bone.

As far as squash injuries ago, is this the worst one you’ve had? Yes this is by far the worst injury I have had, it happened back in mid-June and I am still unable to play now. I am doing constant physio exercises on it to strengthen the ligaments but I think I will not be competing again for at least another couple of months.

It looks as though you’ll be out of the game for a little while. What will you be doing to keep up your squash fitness? Or will you be using the excuse of summer to just relax for a while? I have been doing spin classes and cycling, but honestly more relaxing than exercising, I do enjoy a festival.

So going back to life pre-injury – how long have you been playing squash, and where do you normally play? I started playing squash at around 9 years old at the Riverside club in Chiswick, where I was discovered by a brilliant coach Danny Lee who is head of Squash at St Georges Club. I then went on and played County squash for Middlesex and regional teams. I hung up my racket around 14 years of age to focus on my other love: music, and progressed onwards as a session drummer. But I came back to playing around 3 years ago and now I can’t get enough. I now play at Dulwich Squash club and also the Trevor Bailey squash club.

How often do you play? And do you normally play straight games, or have a few coaching sessions as well? I play at least 4 times a week, which consists of team matches, internal box league matches, and training with a partner on various drills etc.

What is your favourite shot? Without a doubt a forehand volley kill (when it hits the nick).

What is your worst shot? Probably my serve, some days I can really frustrate myself by not getting up near the side wall.

What’s the best squashing advice anyone has given you? It has to be ‘Take the ball early’ which takes the time away from your opponent.

Do you have a squash nickname? Or if not, how do you feel about being called the Elephant Man? When I was younger it was always Peanut (don’t ask) but not anymore. I wouldn’t like the Elephant man to stick either.

Is it true that you have a squash-related tattoo? I do yes, I really love my tattoos and yes they are very addictive.

Who is your favourite pro squash player, and have you ever been to see them play live? I’m sure everyone has loads of favourites. But for me at the moment if I had to choose it would be the top two French seeds Gregory Gautier and Mathieu Castagnet. They move and play shots with so much grace. I also saw a young player play at the Dulwich open this year called Angus Gillams who was fantastic and definitely one to watch for the future.

Will you still be squashing in 5 years’ time? As long as I can steer free of injury I will be playing forever.

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