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By Fatema on 2012-08-09

This is a very good book from James Willstrop, who writes openly and honestly about losing his mother Lesley to cancer, the pressures and agonies of top-level squash on and off the court, his vegetarianism, his strong rivalry with Nick Matthew, as well as his difficult relationship with his coach and father, Malcolm. He doesn’t hold back on his criticism of himself or others, and this confessional style endears and humanises him in a way most autobiographies do not. He makes no secret of his loner tendencies, his OCD, his insomnia or his love of musicals, but he also doesn’t hold back on praise for Ramy Ashour, his deep love for his mother, and his trust and reliance on the people around him.

James Willstrop is a man who plays hard and feels deeply. The book is an emotional rollercoaster covering the highs and lows of the life of a world-class player, and is an excellent read for squash and non-squash fans. Highly recommended.


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