Player Profile

Linda Moreman

Phone: 427754632
Status: Active
Last online: 15th Mar 2017
League: Sydney Inner West Squash League
Current Division: Not playing
Seasons Played: 5
Preferred Club: Squash Centre Camden
Preferred Times: Unknown

Ladder match history

Date Opponent Result Score
21st Feb 2013 Sashindra Gunaratne Lost No score recorded
13th Sep 2012 Nick Field Lost No score recorded
22nd May 2012 Darren Spence Won No score recorded

3 ladder matches with 1 wins and 2 losses. Win percentage: 33.3%

League match history

Date Opponent Result Score
1st Nov 2012 Sean Collins Lost 15-10,15-12,15-11
18th Oct 2012 Rauri Rochford Lost 15-8,15-9,15-8
4th Oct 2012 Ray Alam Lost 15-3,15-8,15-7
30th Aug 2012 Nici Reindl Won 15-10,15-11,15-12,12-15,15-9
23rd May 2012 Rauri Rochford Lost 15-12,15-9,15-13
21st May 2012 Andre Demichelis Lost 15-11,15-9,15-8
11th May 2012 Darren Spence Lost 17-15,13-15,15-12,15-9

7 league matches with 1 wins, 0 draws and 6 losses. Win percentage: 14.3%

League division history

5 seasons played.

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