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Facing the front wall when you move

By Fatema on 2015-11-01

By Nic Davies, Head Coach, The Squash Company

How should you position your body as you move?

Whenever you move in squash, you should strive to keep your body facing the front wall where possible, particularly in the back corners. In doing this, you keep your options open as from this position you can easily change direction if you need to, as sometimes you will over anticipate or simply guess your opponent’s shot wrong. If you start to turn too much to face a particular part of the court, you begin to commit and this can be spotted and acted upon by a clever opponent. It can also leave you struggling to return a shot played in an unexpected direction, as that split-second it takes to stop and change direction is often too long.

Moving backwards

It is very tempting and easy to turn and run towards the back corners when moving in squash but if you do this, you will find yourself getting closer and closer to the side wall, or worse - chasing the ball. Once the ball gets behind you, you need to do your best to stay composed and try to get around the ball again. If you turn and run, you will find yourself having to stretch and try and flick a weak shot back from a very awkward position.

Do your best to stay as close as you can to the middle of the court and move backwards first, before turning in to face the side wall only as you begin to stretch in to play your shot.

The idea is never to over-commit to anything when it comes to movement. Always be ready and in position to change direction at any moment.

This is something that is quite small and easy to incorporate into your game which could save you lots of points and mileage! Take a look at your game and see where your body faces as you move into the shot.

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