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Recent league games

Date Result
19th Jan 2017 Nicholas Dunne won against Anthony Krensel
18th Jan 2017 Daniel Brett won against Adam Ezzamel
18th Jan 2017 Rob Thomson won against Killian Currey-lewis
18th Jan 2017 Denis Flanagan won against Richard Edgworth
18th Jan 2017 Gonzalo Galan Moran won against Tej Dyal
18th Jan 2017 Steve Emsley won against Rich Rogers
17th Jan 2017 Andrew Porter won against Sam Stacey
17th Jan 2017 Ben Burton won against Eamonn Reading
17th Jan 2017 Jack Stephens won against Richard Buckley
17th Jan 2017 Michael Eyre won against Adam Grodzki
17th Jan 2017 Alan Duncan won against Paul Taylor
17th Jan 2017 Max Nicolaus won against Kamrul Hossain
17th Jan 2017 Niall Santamaria won against Gonzalo Galan Moran
17th Jan 2017 Max Gilbert won against Luke Brennan
17th Jan 2017 Roberto Mattioli won against Nicolas Winckler
16th Jan 2017 Nicholas Dunne won against Paul Taylor
16th Jan 2017 Tony Wells won against Jon Brown
16th Jan 2017 Paul Tait drew with Luis Garcia
16th Jan 2017 Fabien Baetz won against Nicholas Dunne
16th Jan 2017 Tim Bostridge won against Simon Monument
16th Jan 2017 Paul Taylor won against Nico Macdonald
16th Jan 2017 Michela de Palo won against Janelle Prime
15th Jan 2017 Michal Jacykiewicz won against Robert Harnett
15th Jan 2017 Oliver Sweet won against Gareth May
15th Jan 2017 Will Stringer won against Tom Grindell

Recent ladder games

Date Result
5th Jan 2017 Riccardo Papa won against Deuce Jacobs
30th Dec 2016 Josh Barbour won against Henry Temperley
26th Nov 2016 Nigel Hare won against Fatema L
21st Nov 2016 Vlad Gilevskiy won against Stefano B
19th Nov 2016 Nigel Hare won against Fatema L
4th Nov 2016 Andre Ainsworth won against Paul Fox
22nd Oct 2016 Tom Mcgurk won against Joal Hos
18th Oct 2016 Craig Mccartney won against Joal Hos
18th Oct 2016 Tom Mcgurk won against Joal Hos
23rd Sep 2016 Henry Temperley won against Josh Barbour
12th Sep 2016 Tej Dyal won against Adam Foster
26th Aug 2016 Lizzy Flavell won against Tej Dyal
23rd Aug 2016 Tim Magalit won against Vlad Gilevskiy
14th Jul 2016 Marc Long won against Coco Shellim
10th Jul 2016 Chris Jones won against Stephen Burke
26th Mar 2016 Alvaro Carpio won against Alvaro Gonzalez
26th Mar 2016 Alvaro Carpio won against Alvaro Gonzalez
4th Mar 2016 Abdulelah Mashat won against Saif Mashat
27th Feb 2016 Thomas Jennings won against Mal Dolly
17th Feb 2016 Philip Lowe won against Mal Dolly
17th Feb 2016 Colum Mackey won against Mal Dolly
17th Feb 2016 Colum Mackey won against Mal Dolly
13th Jan 2016 Henrik Angermark won against Magnus Hermansson
18th Dec 2015 Daniel Brett won against Theo Penty
4th Dec 2015 Ryan Davis won against Will Hutchinson

Game statistics

Total league games: 9134
Total ladder games: 1006


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