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Recent league games

Date Result
25th Oct 2014 Sebastian Keuchel won against Guillermo Loriente Elio
24th Oct 2014 James Goodman won against David Ville
24th Oct 2014 Desmond Hung won against Justin Fitzhugh
24th Oct 2014 Aarjan Snoek won against Robert Mccrae
24th Oct 2014 Will Gardner won against Marco Rapaccioli
23rd Oct 2014 Collette Whittington won against Pentony Ohagan
23rd Oct 2014 Tony Wells won against Anél De Bruyn
23rd Oct 2014 Graeme Dalziel won against Robert Mccrae
23rd Oct 2014 Ben B-Murray won against Sinan Pirie
23rd Oct 2014 Colin Burrows won against Nancy Lycett
23rd Oct 2014 Olly Cremnitz won against Dave Stretch
23rd Oct 2014 James Eland won against Mark Airston
22nd Oct 2014 David Ville won against Michael Howarth
22nd Oct 2014 Peter De Backer won against Daniel Hayes
22nd Oct 2014 Raymond Filby won against Andy Hsu
21st Oct 2014 Sebastian John won against Fliss Winstone
21st Oct 2014 Mark Airston won against Daniel Hayes
20th Oct 2014 Sebastian John won against Justin Fitzhugh
20th Oct 2014 Tony Wells won against Jerome Mazandarani
20th Oct 2014 James Eland won against Tim Bostridge
20th Oct 2014 Ben B-Murray won against Ben Willens
20th Oct 2014 Steve Rhoden drew with Peter De Backer
20th Oct 2014 Amir Ghodsian won against Robert Pearlman
20th Oct 2014 Ludovic Betremieux won against Ben Maughan
19th Oct 2014 Tim Bostridge won against Daniel Hayes

Recent ladder games

Date Result
24th Oct 2014 Niall Mcgrath won against Tej Dyal
19th Oct 2014 Charlie Jensen won against Tej Dyal
16th Oct 2014 George Rapley won against Pankaj Agarwala
16th Oct 2014 Jasper Gregan won against Tej Dyal
9th Oct 2014 Ludovic Betremieux won against Niall Mcgrath
8th Oct 2014 Pentony Ohagan won against Keith Lesser
30th Sep 2014 Manhee Chough won against Ben B-Murray
20th Sep 2014 Ulysses Alvarez Laviada won against Ash Mantri
20th Sep 2014 Garrick Reid won against Ash Mantri
18th Sep 2014 Alex Walls won against Ash Mantri
18th Sep 2014 Niall Mcgrath won against Henry Elston
15th Sep 2014 Luke Lau won against Ash Mantri
13th Sep 2014 Jb Milleret won against Ash Mantri
11th Sep 2014 Tim Mccann won against Francesco Benucci
8th Sep 2014 Francesco Benucci won against Andrew Ellems
12th Aug 2014 Rob Walker won against Chris Jones
3rd Jul 2014 Andrew Seabright won against Matt Gedge
29th Jun 2014 Amit Kauntia won against Hasan Kidwai
27th Jun 2014 Nic Cahill won against Benjamin Kelliher
26th Jun 2014 Steve Robson won against Andrew Seabright
25th Jun 2014 Douglas Rundgren won against Nic Cahill
25th Jun 2014 Dawar Khan won against Amit Kauntia
3rd Jun 2014 Felicity Sampson won against Paul Daley
14th May 2014 Robert Fejer won against Kevin Nosib
13th May 2014 Robert Fejer won against Rob Walker

Game statistics

Total league games: 5614
Total ladder games: 561


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