Player Profile

John Curran

Phone: Private
Status: Injured
Last online: 15th Nov 2013
League: North London Squash League
Current Division: Not playing
Seasons Played: 2
Preferred Club: Unknown
Preferred Times: Unknown

Ladder match history

No results

League match history

Date Opponent Result Score
6th Nov 2013 Chris Jones Lost 15-6,16-14,15-7
31st Oct 2013 Richard Buckley Lost 15-5,15-5,15-5

2 league matches with 0 wins, 0 draws and 2 losses. Win percentage: 0%

League division history

Date League Division
3rd Dec 2013 North London Squash League - 7-13 11
16th Oct 2013 North London Squash League - 6-13 9

2 seasons played.

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